For the Business-Owner or Professional That Is Drinking Too Much:

Get Control Of your Drinking By Reframing The Way You View Alcohol, Using the Soberclear Method, In As Little As 48 Hours

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"Before I found Leon and Soberclear, my drinking was out of control. I had been in and out of 12-step for years. It works for a lot of people, but not me. It was very negative. I found Leon’s approach positive. He was happy, and I thought he had been in the same situation as me. I took Leon’s program and honestly, when he said it was going to be easy, I didn’t believe him. But, it was. I still don’t feel deprived. I feel healthier, energy is through the roof and I feel peace of mind."


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John Quit Alcohol For Over 4 Months Without A.A. or Willpower




11 Months Without A Drop of Alcohol After 50 Years of Drinking




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Get Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Drinking And Join Hundreds Of Others Doing The Same

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